The Primary Reasons You Will Need To Repair Drywall

Drywall is the covering that makes your walls smooth and clean.  Behind drywall you will find studs, wires and insulation.  These are items that we don’t like to see so we install drywall to cover them up.  Over time there will come situations where your drywall will become damaged.  When this happens, professional drywall repair near me in lancaster, pa services should be called in to fix the issues.  Here are some of the top reasons why you will need to call in a professional to clean up you walls.

Nails to pop out

When installing drywall, it is best practices to use screws.  However, there are times when installers will simply use nails to speed up the process. When this happens, the nails may become lose and start popping through the sheetrock.  If this happens you will either need to hit the nails back in and do the repairs yourself, or you will need to call in a professional.

Furniture scuffs

When we move into our homes we will need to move in furniture.  This furniture will sometimes get too close to a wall or when walking through a doorway we may hit the corner of the wall.  In these cases, the scuffs, cracks and dents may occur.  If this happens, it will be necessary to fix them.


Holes either big or small may appear in your walls.  This can happen by banging in nails to hang a photo, clock or even install shelving.  If you are not careful you could hit the drywall with your hammer causing a hole to appear.  Also, when taking down these items you may hit the wall causing damage.

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Water damage

No one wants to have water damage.  A pipe that bursts or even a hole in the ceiling can lead to water entering your home causing damage.  When you have water damage you need to dry out your drywall completely.  If you can’t dry it out or if mold has started to grow, you will need to replace it.

These are just a few reasons that you will need to replace or repair drywall.  Make sure that you care for your walls and they will care for you.